Claus Solutions


What services do we offer?


Want to better engage with your customers? Use our text message tool to contact your customers from any phone. Pricing is reasonable and scales with your business size.


What ever your need in Excel, we will work with you to design the right solution. We can do custom worksheets, complex formulas, and custom coded macros.


Have raw data that you cannot analyze? Let us help wrangle your data into a usable form. We also offer end to end processing and analysis.


We can provide onetime analysis or custom solutions that you can routinely use to make better sense of your business data. Everything is custom built to your specifications.

About Us

Claus Solutions: We make your digital life easier.
Problem? Meet your solution.

At Claus Solutions, our goal is to make your digital life easier and more productive. We offer innovative solutions to your digital problems.

We were founded to help businesses. Customer service is our priority. In this modern technological age, businesses need a partner who can help them tackle the tough digital problems that stand in their way of profit and growth. That partner is Claus Solutions.

Our owner, Andrew Claus, finds solving data problems fun. He brings this passion to every project, always having a direct hand in the customer relationship.

  • Contact your customers from anywhere

  • Custom worksheets, macros, and formulas

  • Get your data into a usable format

  • Garner insights into your business