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Resident Texting

Brought to you by Claus Solutions, LLC
An independent and unaffiliated entity from Bayside Condominiums Association of Brevard Inc. and Clover Key Inc.

Are you interested in receiving simple and instantly accessible communication about critical events at Bayside Condominiums?

  • Water shut offs
  • Gate issues
  • Storm updates
  • Tree trimming
  • Garage door issues
  • Elevator issues
  • Fire extinguisher inspection
  • Sprinkler inspection
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Association meetings

All you need is a texting enabled cell phone. Flip phones can get text messages!
(charges may apply to your phone bill – contact your carrier)

Fill out the form below to subscribe to a new service that will text you about critical events in the complex.

Once you submit the form, there is a corresponding link per subscription that will take you to a secure PayPal page. From there, you can check out as a guest or sign in/up with PayPal.

Please click SUBMIT above before going to PayPal. Thank you.

Standard Subscription
1 unit with up to 2 phone numbers
Securely Pay via PayPal

3 Phone Subscription
1 unit with up to 3 phone numbers
Securely Pay via PayPal

4 Phone Subscription
1 unit with up to 4 phone numbers
Securely Pay via PayPal

Note: by subscribing to this service, you agree to hold Claus Solutions LLC and its affiliates, employees, and all related entities harmless for any issues, charges, etc. that may arise from this subscription. Text messages are sent by the association board and/or management company or their delegated representatives, and are not managed by Claus Solutions LLC. The content of messages is not the property nor the responsibility of Claus Solutions LLC.